Monday, January 01, 2007

Starting the New Year right

Happy New Year!

Where to start '07? I wanted to go goofy (those perhaps later), but no. On second thought, being that many of the 'regulars' seem to like hearing about who I consider heros or examples to use as a benchmark - perhaps it would be best to start the new year with one man who should be in the Pantheon of freedom - if one existed.

I can't believe I am recommending something from Frontline again. I have had for over a decade a framed poster of
The Tank Man. This man is in the Top 20 of the 20th Century for me. I've always challenged myself in wondering, "Could I do that? Would I do that?" Talk about brass balls.

Anyway, Frontline has done his memory and act justice. Watch the whole thing here. If you want to know what a totalitarian government can do to a nation's memory when Western IT companies like Google, MicroSoft, etc help them - see clip 6 - and get angry.

After that, remind yourself how lucky you are to live in the West.

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