Thursday, January 25, 2007

Eating the soul of a child: Part II

No electric boogaloo for this one. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. You simply do not do this if you have any real moral center. You don't do this to a child.
At a festival that features several films with sexual content, including full male nudity and a documentary about bestiality, a southern Gothic tale that includes the rape of a young girl is causing the biggest stir.

"Hounddog" is the story of Lewellen, a girl played by 12-year-old Dakota Fanning, who is growing up in the 1960s South. She is a free- spirit obsessed with Elvis Presley and has little supervision by her abusive father and alcoholic grandmother.
Kampmeier said it took her a decade to get the film made, largely because of the rape scene, but cutting it was a compromise she was unwilling to make.

"This issue is so silenced in our society. There are a lot of women who are alone with this story," she said.

"When you're shooting a film, it's the images you line up next to each other that create a story," Kampmeier said. "If you have a hand hitting the ground, Dakota screaming 'stop' and you see a zipper unzip _ that creates a rape."
She is a child, a daughter, before she is an actress.
The screenplay calls for Fanning's character to be raped in one explicit scene and to appear naked or clad only in "underpants" in several other horrifying moments.
Saw this coming. Remember, she is 12 now - that means that she was probably 11 when they filmed this and 10 when someone said "This would be a great movie for my daughter to star in."


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