Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Know your Afghan history

With the questions I have received on my often referenced Gandamak, Hopkirk, and The Great Game,I know a lot of you either don't have the time or the inclination to read this outstanding tome or were ill-served by the teacher's unions.

Well, instead of cursing the dark - I would like to light a candle. Grab and adult beverage and get comfortable. Give yourself an hour and join me in listening to Professor Kathleen Burk's lecture at Gresham College in the UK. Click here for the video by itself that you can, with RealPlayer, go full sized to see her maps and slides. She covers the bold faced subjects of the book, and is one of the best overview of The Great Game and the last 150 years of that part of the world and the Power Players that it has consumed.

If you like her lecture - you can get a few thousand dollars worth of college lectures here that covers Romans, Vikings, French, German, English, and other Great Powers.

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