Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fat, drunk, and happy - how about you?

Reuters. They never pass up a chance to pi55 on your sneakers.
U.S. troops were fatter and drank harder in 2005 than before the Iraq war started, according a Pentagon survey of more than 16,000 service members released on Friday.
I know, they missed out on the happy part. That being said, as I am sure Skippy and I could tell you on day 2 of a top-shelf TAD to Singapore - having a BAC of 2.2 at 2am on a FRI telling half-true war stories to the likes of this and being a few pounds overweight does not mean you have one foot in the grave.
"I am pleased, and even a little surprised, that despite the stresses of war and ongoing deployments, nearly all indicators of service members' health and well-being continue to be quite good compared with civilian populations," said William Winkenwerder, assistant defense secretary for health affairs.
Ah, yes. There are worse lines of work.

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