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NAVSEA supports racist extortionists

This just makes me sick. I don't have the url to send you, but from the NAVSEA Newswire, awwww, h311 - I'll post the whole thing. Look here, it is ligit.
NAVSEA and the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Join Together to Advance Diversity
Team Submarine Public Affairs, NAVSEA Newswire, 12 Jan 07

NEW YORK CITY -- The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) intensified its efforts to increase diversity in its workforce by supporting the 10th Anniversary Rainbow/PUSH Wall Street Project Economic Summit and 2007 Wall Street Project (WSP) Career Opportunity and Development Expo (CO&DE), on Jan 6-10.

NAVSEA set two goals for its trip to the "Big Apple" – collect resumes for the Navy Acquisition Internship Program, and inform small, minority-owned, business on how to contract with the Navy.

“I fully expected that we would have a very productive time here,” said Rear Adm. Charles “Chuck” Goddard, vice commander of NAVSEA, “but this far exceeded my wildest expectations.”

Goddard, along with NAVSEA's Elliott Branch, executive director for Contracts; Richard McNamara, executive director of the Program Executive Office (PEO) for Submarines{BTW, what is it with McNamara. Is his job to be PEO Submarines, or be the Diversity Officer? Check out his 2005 Woman-Owned Small Business Conf. NAVSEA (i.e. you) paid for}; and James Thomsen, program executive officer for PEO Littoral and Mine Warfare, collected approximately 70 resumes at NAVSEA’s recruiting booth.

Branch reflected on his own experiences at the CO&DE, “I started as an intern with the government. I know how important it is to get promising young men and women on a profitable career track. Most of the people we talked with today hadn’t thought about becoming civil servants. Now, they are walking away with a different mindset, a different perspective that maybe they did not have before. They also know what NAVSEA does, how we do it, and what we have to offer.”

Goddard said that, “A lot of people were surprised and happy to see a Navy presence at the Career Opportunity and Development Expo. Given the Navy’s and NAVSEA’s drive to diversify our workforce and our industrial base, this event is a perfect fit for us.”

The four NAVSEA representatives also held a Navy Procurement Session, which led by l Goddard, who described NAVSEA’s responsibilities and role in the Navy. Branch then explained how the Navy does business and what they as small business owners need to do in order to compete for and win Navy contracts.

McNamara then spoke about the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program and the Navy’s use of incentives to entice its prime contractors to utilize small disadvantaged businesses. “In the submarine community, we have a $1 million bounty on each Virginia Class hull,” reported McNamara. “If the prime [contractor] meets its small disadvantaged business goals it receives $1 million. That is a powerful incentive. Further, PEO SUB recently awarded its $1 billionth in SBIR contracts.”

Thomsen concluded the presentation by showing the audience that NAVSEA buys more than warships.
“We buy servos, we buy software code, we buy the small components that go aboard our ships and into our systems” said Thomsen. “While very few companies can build a ship,” he concluded, “small businesses can do a lot to improve upon existing systems and increase competition within the defense industry. We are here today to show these people how to join the team.”

The WSP was founded on January 15, 1996, the anniversary of the birth of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to coincide symbolically with the beginning of the first quarter of the business year.

The mission of the Rainbow Coalition/PUSH Wall Street Project (WSP) is to challenge corporate America to end its multibillion-dollar trade deficit with minority vendors, consumers, and employees. It is a continuation of the work of the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., which started when the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. appointed him to run the SCLC’s Operation Breadbasket in Chicago in the early 1960s.
Let's get one thing straight. It is one thing to throw the widest net possible to make sure you are trying to find the best out there, it is another thing altogether to join hands with a man and an organization that is a rascist, anti-Semite, extortionist, and Communistophile. With all the problems we have with shipbuilding right now - is this what we need to be spending all that TAD cost and leadership time on? Really?

Jesse Jackson has nothing to do with Honor, Courage and Committment. He has a history of nothing but going for the money. Shame. Simple Shame.

Look at the 90 minut
es NAVSEA spent at this place.
3:30PM – 5:00 PM
NAVAL PROCUREMENT SESSION - Your Connection to Non-Military Contracts within a Military Agency

The Naval Sea Command procures products and services totaling 23 billion dollars annually. Executive officers from the Naval Sea Command, based in Washington, DC will present an overview of the Command’s structure and contracting opportunities for business owners to include: How to do business with the Command; The Small Business Initiative Research (Command investment bank); How the Command Procures Products and Services from Vendors; and the type of large/Small Products Procured by the Command.

Speakers: Elliott B. Branch, Executive Director for Contracts, Naval Sea Systems Command; Rear Admiral Charles H. “Chuck” Goddard, Vice Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command; Richard R. McNamara, Executive Director-Program Executive Office Submarines, Naval Sea Systems Command; James E. Thomsen, Program Executive Officer Littoral & Mine Warfare, U.S. Navy.
Then they get a chance to put out the "help wanted" sign. Please tell me why you would hang out at a conference that advocates racial preferences and a climate that would destroy any command? You had 90 minutes to tell people how to get money out of the Navy, how much did you talk about what they can give to their nation through service in the Navy? How does this help the Fleet? How?

What is so bad about Jesse's shake-down express? Deroy Murdock can give you a nice start.
Jackson recently wrote General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt. The letter was dated March14, the day after GE floated a hefty $11 billion in bonds. "What concerns me is the dearth of minority banks involved in any aspect of this deal," Jackson wrote, as first reported. He continued, "it is disappointing to think that GE, one of America's most innovative and respected companies, doesn't feel that any minority-owned firms have the capability to be part of what will probably be one of the largest bond offerings in 2002." Jackson then suggests that GE hire minority-owned investment banks that happen to be "members of our Wall Street Project Trade Bureau." These companies, conveniently enough, contribute to Rainbow/PUSH and Jackson's other non-profits. "This is all about hiring Jesse Jackson's friends," says Kenneth Timmerman, author of Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson, now fifth on the New York Times bestseller list. "This is a typical Jackson approach where he gives companies a list of his best supporters and basically asks them to hire one of his friends, and then he'll go away." Timmerman, who quotes me in his book, points to Jackson's initial opposition to AT&T's 1999 merger with TCI. Jackson complained to the FCC that AT&T had a "questionable employment record" and a "poor level of customer service." AT&T CEO C. Michael Armstrong got the hint. AT&T donated $425,000 to Jackson's Citizenship Education Fund, prompting the Windy City preacher, for once, to clam up. AT&T also included Blaylock & Partners in an $8 billion bond deal. CEO Ron Blaylock, a Jackson associate, promptly gave CEF a $30,000 donation, making the circle of extortion complete. Last May, Jackson attacked a Toyota ad that showed a black face with a small, gold SUV etched onto the model's tooth. "The only thing missing is the watermelon," Jackson snarled. He threatened a boycott, but reversed himself after Toyota agreed to a "diversity" plan to increase its minority-owned dealerships. One week later, Timmerman reports, Toyota told Goldman Sachs to include Blaylock and Williams Capital Group in a $300 million equity offering. Williams also has sponsored Jackson's non-profit activities. "In exchange for steering that business to his friends, Jesse wants 10 percent off the top," stock broker and former Jackson ally Harold Doley Jr. said. "He has become a Civil Rights Entrepreneur." For his next trick, Jackson is encouraging O. J. Simpson's savior, Johnnie Cochran, and other lawyers to sue corporations that benefited from slavery. As Cochran previously has said of this approach: "We've got to be ready to boycott these companies, hit 'em in the pocketbook, whatever we got to do." Patting down U.S. corporations for reparations will mean hefty attorneys fees for those who get in on the action. One suit, filed March 26, already seeks damages against Aetna, CSX railroad, and Fleet Boston for slave-related profits generated by their corporate predecessors or subsidiaries they purchased long after Emancipation.
You can read about what he did with NASCAR here and here. The NYSE is done with him - and of course the Freepers can't get enough of his slime. Yep, It's About the Money. Why do you have our uniform speaking under a banner of
“A More Perfect Union: Free, But Not Equal?”

Why, why? RDML Goddard - is this what you made Flag for? What would LT Goddard think? If you did this under orders, then that is fine. I have done about the same. It's not an illegal order. I would love to know who ordered you and your fellow NAVSEA personnel to sell your souls like that. Did anyone object? Did anyone know? Did anyone care?

To protect the Agent Provocateur who sent this to me, no Hat Tip...but you know who you are...happy now?

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