Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Required viewing from Iraq - COL McMaster

This is a first hand report from Colonel McMaster in Iraq. It is 35 minutes, and works through the clunky interface through the Pentagon Channel. You can find the briefing on the Pentagon Channel by clicking on "View Programming" and then searching for "McMaster," and that it worked in Internet Explorer but in Firefox it takes some work. I got to a "Download this video" by clicking the itty-bitty "x" on the mid-bottom right of the java pop-up. Give it a shot you will figure it out.

He knocks it out of the park, takes press questions and has given an utterly compelling Pentagon briefing by video from Iraq this past September on the operation that cleared Tall 'Afar. It may be time late....but it needs to be heard. This guy needs a star.....

Hat tip Powerline.

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