Friday, February 24, 2006

Hollywood America-hating: Chapter Whatever

A Muslim country makes a movie where the Americans are the bad buys doing all the things the KosKids think Americans do. Yawn. If you are a premium subscriber, good stuff on it from the NYT, but this from the BBC will fit the bill; as will this goodie from TimesWatch which quotes goodies from the NYT article:
Sebnem Arsu reports from Istanbul on a smash hit anti-American movie, “Valley of the Wolves -- Iraq,” under the headline, “If You Want a Film to Fly, Make Americans the Heavies.” That too-cute headline hides the production’s anti-American and anti-Semitic propaganda.

“The crowd cheered, clapped and whistled as the Turkish agent plunged the knife into the chest of the enemy commander. ‘Valley of the Wolves -- Iraq,’ which opened last week in movie theaters in Turkey, Austria and Germany, is a Rambo-like action story involving Turkish gunmen who seek revenge against a tyrannical occupying army.

In this version, however, at $10 million the most expensive movie ever made in Turkey, the enemy is no oppressive third-world dictatorship. The commander's name is Sam -- as in uncle -- and the opposing forces are the Americans, who are being punished for offenses against Turkish as well as Iraqi pride and honor.”
“Other scenes show ruthless marines killing Iraqis and soldiers mistreating inmates at Abu Ghraib prison, as well as an American Jewish surgeon, played by Gary Busey, who takes what look like kidneys from inmates during surgery to New York, London and Israel -- all, according to the screenwriter, Bahadir Ozdener, inspired by real events.”

Deep into the story, Arsu mentions in passing that “Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ was a best seller last year” in Turkey, but doesn’t follow up.
Oh, the actor who plays the commander, Billy Zane. Here is what his character does. a sociopath, dilling people without a second's thought an claiming that he is doing God's will.
Was Billy tricked?
..(Zane) said he was not bothered by the movie's anti-American tone, adding that the horrors of war should be exposed. "I acted in this movie becuase I am pacifist," he said in a televised interview. "I'm against all kinds of war."
No further comment needed.

Throughout Europe, Americans have been warned to avoid certain theaters. There are travel warnings about Turkey.(BTW, make sure and click both names of the films for video).

Asshats. Gary, Billy. To the Wall of Shame.

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