Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Addicted to being offended

As some of you know, a couple of weeks ago I started DrawMohammedWeek. It was never intended to be a fulltime blog, and I only did it so I could be naughtier than here, and could put up more on something I started blogging about back in the fall - without boring the good folks who come here on a regular basis.

CDRSalamander and another blog (where none of you have found me or visit...snobs..and where I am my "outside the phone booth" real self and has nothing to do with anything you read about here), take up most of my time on the computer that Mrs. Salamander gives me - so DMW is going into
War Reserve status (Type 1000).

Before I leave it in preservation (honestly, I thought it was going to be a one time funny), I want to share something interesting. I already ID'd my favorite reader, but I also found it interesting who was actively looking to be offended. I took a snapshot from StatCounter of my last 100 viewers today. Nothing special or unique about the sample. I just picked it. 42% of those 100 came from majority Muslim countries. Turkey (always in the top-2 during the last couple of weeks), Egypt, Syria, Indonesia, Iran, UAE, and Pakistan. Oh, you name it; on any given day they have been there. Look at the map at the bottom for the distro in a larger grouping.

So, toodles to DHM...for now, I am sure the fellows Reginald is talking about will force me to bring it back. Until then, everyone join in the cheering. In summary. Some people protesteth too much.

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