Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Nordic crack-up

This is all happening a lot faster than I saw it a few months ago, or last year and more......

Denmark was the straw I guess. In political speak, the Danish PM just told the Swedes to "sit down and shut up you Socialist Dhimmi.." Cool.
SPIEGEL: Then why did your Swedish colleague Goran Persson criticize you and say he would have never underestimated such a situation?

Fogh Rasmussen: First, he is not in my situation. Second, I would never get involved in any domestic issue in Sweden. And third, I am especially honored to be attacked by the Swedish Social Democrats -- it is a sign that our policies are the correct on
And to top it off, via LGF, Norway and Sweden are, under Socialist governments all, surrendering to violent Islam.

On February 10, in Oslo, came a dramatic capitulation that seemed a classic case of sharia in action. For days, Velbjorn Selbekk, editor of the tiny Christian periodical Magazinet – the first publication to reprint the now-famous Muhammed cartoons from the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten – had firmly resisted pressure by Muslim extremists (who made death threats) and by the Norwegian establishment (which urged him to give in). But then, on that morning – the day before a planned mass demonstration against the cartoons – Norway’s Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion, Bjarne Hakon Hanssen, hastily called a press conference at a major government office building in Oslo.

There, to the astonishment of his supporters, Selbekk issued an abject apology for reprinting the cartoons. At his side, accepting his act of contrition on behalf of 46 Muslim organizations and asking that all threats now be withdrawn, was Mohammed Hamdan, head of Norway’s Islamic Council. In attendance were members of the Norwegian cabinet and the largest assemblage of imams in Norway’s history. It was a picture right out of a sharia courtroom: the dhimmi prostrating himself before the Muslim leader, and the leader pardoning him – and, for good measure, declaring Selbekk to be henceforth under his protection, as if it were he, Hamdan, and not the Norwegian police, that held in his hands the security of citizens in Norway.

Selbekk, in his prepared remarks, leaned heavily on the usual soothing multicultural language, including the word “understanding.” It was clear that Selbekk had indeed come to an understanding: he understood that if he didn’t relent, he risked physical harm. He also spoke of “respect” – a word that in this context must surely have been understood by the imams to refer not to a volitional regard for a social equal but to the obligatory deference of a repentant infidel. As for Handam, he noted that “Selbekk has children the same age as my own. I want my children and his children to grow up together, live together in peace, and be friends.”Selbekk’s family, too, had been under threa. This was rather chilling, given that Selbekk’s family, too, had been under threat.

Yes, we live in those kind of times. Multi-culti as cool is it is just deadly.

Though not Nordic, they are cold, poorly sun this time of year, and damp so they almost count; the Dutch are swinging at the Socialists appeasers at the EU. Solana to be exact
Jozias van Aartsen, the leader of the Dutch Liberal Party (VVD) which is the coalition partner of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende’s Christian-Democrat Party (CDA) in the Dutch government, is angry with Javier Solana. Mr van Aartsen demands that the Dutch Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs both reprimand Mr Solana. The latter, a Spanish Socialist who is the EU Foreign Policy Coordinator, recently signed a common statement with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, the Secretary-General of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC). The EU-UN-OIC statement said: “We understand the deep hurt and widespread indignation felt in the Muslim world. The freedom of the press, which entails responsibility and discretion, should respect the beliefs and tenets of all religions.”
Meanwhile, Mr Solana continues his appeasement visit to the Middle East. On Wednesday he met Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak in Cairo. The EU Foreign Policy Coordinator told the press that they discussed measures to ensure that “religious symbols can be protected.” He said: “Such steps could materialise through various mechanisms, maybe inside the new human rights commission created in the UN.”

Like always in European history, once a crisis takes hold; people start taking sides or wavering.

Let's start the board line up here. Blue (as in EU blue), Green (Islamic Green silly Dhimmi), Yellow (wants to joing Blue, but is too busy peeing in his pants), White (staying out of the fight, but trading with everyone), Pink (not that much of a Muslim problem at home - hope this all goes away), Brown (too poor and full of almost-peasants to care about rich Western Europeans giving away their birthright), Purple (can't stand Blue, but if they had an Islam problem they would kill it - Old School), Black (should be with Blue, but would rather wait for everyone to bleed each other and profit from the remainder). As always, sides are subject to change at a moments notice.

Blue: Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany (starting from Yellow - a light Blue).
Green: Norway, Sweden, Spain, Bosnia, Albania.
Yellow: France, Belgium, UK (almost Green last year...drifting Blue), Italy (kisses Blue, but drifts), Austria.
White: Canada, USA, Switzerland, Czech, Slovak.
Pink: Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Hungary.
Brown: Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova.
Purple: Macadonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia.
Black: Belorussia, Russia.

Anyway, that is my first cut. Thoughts?

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