Friday, February 24, 2006

Daniel Schorr – NEOCON

The Bush administration will need something tougher than promoting democracy in Iran if the regime is to be contained
Yep, I’m in a mood. Funny stuff next week…maybe.

I am so sick of Daniel Schorr and his pompous, know-it-all Monday-morning-Quarterbacking arrogance. That Establishment, Northeastern Liberal voice of his does little more than make me lose my religion.

What do you want, Dan? Define your terms, you hedging hack. Invasion? What? Any action so you can snipe at every mistake made doing a job you have little clue about? What do you want?

Are you ready for American deaths on an order of magnitude greater than Iraq? Will you give the benefit of the doubt to your countrymen who will have to kill Iranian teenage cannon fodder by the thousands to tens of thousands? Will you accept the collateral damage that will have chunks of Iranian women and children flecked over the T.V.? Are you? Because even if everything is done just right, that is what will happen. That is war. That is what it is. Breaking things and killing people.

Going after Islamist Persia (yes, I called it that) is not like going after a fractured, weakened, and broken Iraq. I would bet my life that Secretary Rice is taking the right/best path right now. Wait, I already have.

If you have a better plan, let’s hear it. Your garbage of a write up isn’t even clear reporting or educated punditry. It was written, is seems, just as intellectual self-fluffery.

Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way you pompous ass. Read it all folks, you will probably feel the same way. If not, same to you. Harumph.

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