Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Africa bleeds - Europe acts, like, Europe.

As you read this from Der Spiegel, remember - we are turning Afghanistan over to Europe (with some Anglosphere countries to give them spine).
France and the European Union's top foreign policy official , Javier Solana, want to send German troops to the Congo to cut the risk of civil war in the run-up to elections. But the German government opposes the risky mission.
Why is France pushing it? Oh, this is rich.
...the EU's two rapid reaction forces can only be deployed under limited conditions. A joint Spanish-Italian force specializes in amphibian invasions. The second "Battle Group" consists of 1,500 Germans -- mainly paratroopers -- and 4 Frenchmen working at the group's main headquarters.
BAWAHAHAHA, letting the Germans do their fighting. Thing is, Germany has "issues" now as opposed to when they marched through the Paris streets unopposed.
Berlin was horrified at the prospect of German troops being placed into situations where they could end up firing at child soldiers. According to an internal Defense Ministry memo, "prominent involvement," possibly with Germany acting as the lead nation in the EU mission, was "not in Germany's interest."
I guess from the German perspective, it is better that those "child" soldiers be allowed to kill and rape without adult interference. After all, what is killing compared to keeping up appearances? Read it all.

Europe' s military professionals are excellent - their politician's inability to get over their nation's past will damage their future. Want to know why Belgium isn't in the picture here...they are the former colonial power and don't want to endanger their citizens who live there (!) .... then again; Europe could just say - not my problem and get over it. If you will note - American soldiers aren't beating down the door to join them.

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