Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I think the JCS speak for, well, a lot of us

Sometimes I just like to let the pictures speak for themselves. Free speech is great, but it goes both ways.

Here is what the JCS say. Nuff said.
We were extremely disappointed to see the editorial cartoon by Tom Toles on page B6 in the January 29th edition. Using the likeness of a service member who has lost his arms and legs in war as the central theme of a cartoon is beyond tasteless. Editorial cartoons are often designed to exaggerate issues--and your paper is obviously free to address any topic, including the state of readiness of today's Armed Forces. However, we believe you and Mr. Toles have done a disservice to your readers and your paper's reputation by using such a callous depiction of those who have volunteered to defened this nation, and as a result, have suffered traumatic and life-altering wounds...

...While you or some of your readers may not agree with the war or its conduct, we believe you owe the men and women and their families who so selflessly serve our country the decency to not make light of their tremendous physical sacrifices.

As the Joint Chiefs, it is rare that we all put our hand to one letter, but we cannot let this reprehensible cartoon go unanswered.
Hat tip Michelle.
UPDATE: A very good "adjustment" of the cartoon at FromMyPosition..OnTheWay - who is, ahem, in the right position to make a comment. And yes, you have to click it. Snicker.

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