Friday, August 12, 2005

Ward Churchill takes over as head of NORAD

That vein in my forehead is throbbing again. NORAD, no link required; if you don’t know what it is, you should go here.

I’m back for a short period prior to a long down time, so let me be simple with this.

This PC BS has got to stop. It is reaching the point of reading like something from The Onion.
The U.S.-Canadian military commands responsible for protecting North America from terrorists have changed the names of key readiness exercises to more politically correct words that do not offend American Indians.

U.S. Northern Command and North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs have struck the word "warrior" from one major exercise and replaced it with "phantom," according to a July internal message from command headquarters.
WARRIOR is not a Siberian-American specific term. BRAVE is not a Siberian-American specific term.
"We did change them because of the references to Native Americans," Sgt. Tomassi said. "And the initiative wasn't U.S. or Canadian. It was just NORAD. We are sensitive to such issues. We don't have a professional sports team like the Washington Redskins. But we still are sensitive to the same sorts of issues that those organizations are. When Admiral Keating arrived, the staff was already in progress, saying this was an initiative we wanted to take on, and Admiral Keating embraced it."

Sgt. Tomassi said the word "warrior" often connotes an American Indian, so it was struck.
The crap your people are feeding your PAO pogue just stinks. What a shitty decision, sir. Send an officer out to do this stuff. You don’t pay Master Sgt. John Tomassi enough to spout this stuff without a sarcastic tone or a snicker.

As someone with a bit of Siberian-American in his genetic woodpile; I am offended by your ability to be offended.
(NORAD’s) largest exercise to practice those tactics is the twice-yearly Amalgam Warrior, which is scheduled for next April and is now Amalgam Phantom. … And an exercise dubbed "Amalgam Fabric Brave" is now "Amalgam Fabric Dart."
“Fabric Dart?” Oh, that gets my fighting spirit (can I use spirit? Could someone think I am talking about “The Great Spirit?”) up. Dart. Fabric-frigg’n-dart!!!!!!!! Does anyone out there in NORAD’s chain of command EVER fly an airplane? Do they have any concept of “Fabric Dart”, "Butt Dart” or “Lawn Dart” in our military tradition?

This just sucks so hard, and in so many ways is makes me wonder if there is any hope for the present war or any other war.

What a pile of paternalistic, insulting, pathetic PC shit-on-a-shingle.

When that PC Commissars Committee came by with their fetid little project, someone with an eagle or stars on their uniform and a pair of unshaven balls (not-that-there-is-anything-wrong-with-that) should have asked them how much time they wasted on it, and why they think we should not honor the courage and fighting spirit of the Pre-Columbian inhabitants on this land? What should we do now, remove Tecumseh from the USNA? I didn’t think so. I think. Who knows. We have lost our rudder, shuttered our gun-ports, and put away the grog.

What about the CNO’s ”Sea Warrior” concept? Who is going to fill out the counseling chit on him? Oh, I know – Change it to “Sea Dart,” wait, we have that. Ummmm, “Sea Sponge.” Ehhh, “Sea Sailor,” no, redundant. Ahhhh, mmmmm, “Sea Foam?” There, that is precious and kind enough for all.

Oh, the new head of NORAD (no implication that he is like Ward Chruchill - just an attention getting title - please no threatening emails) is a Navy Guy. A VA/VFA guy. There are no more nations to go to. I guess I need to get used to this in time for my grandchildren.

That’s it. Only Marine Generals allowed at NORAD; and make it LT GEN Mattis.

Hat tip John, back and coming from the top rope.
UPDATE: Thanks for the wide knowledge base of my readers...and confirmed by Mother Salamander (see comments for details) we now know that there is a real (no kidding) thing as a "Fabric Dart." Yep, it's official: OPERATION "Fabric Dart" = OPERATION "Boob Holder."

You can't make this stuff up.

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