Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Staff Weenie backup weapon

Upset that 4 years into the war and they still don’t let you come to NH95 with your M9?

Work for a NATO run staff and cannot understand their weapons phobia?

Bother you that you and your buds are working hard in the tent and know that you are one mortar shot away from loosing the only people around with guns to defend you?

Look wistfully at your Sharpshooter ribbon in full knowledge that you have no way to protect yourself for the Jihadi that you just know wants to attack your post in Mayport?

Well, there is a way around this lack of foresight and neutered warrior spirit of your superiors….prepare anyway and have your backup weapon ready. Don’t let the enemy delete your PowerPoint slides! Don’t let him take the last of your square yellow-stickies! Don’t let him steal the quarter can at the coffee mess!

Thanks to our Cyrillic writing friends, we have the ultimate Staff Weenie sidearm. If SERVMART is properly stocked, you and your fellow Weenies will be able to hold off any stealer of copier paper. Laser targeting and silent action to make the he-men at Blackwater proud.

Here she is, but go here to get the full directions!!!

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