Thursday, August 04, 2005

MilBloggers on a Wire(d)

Nice overview and a very nice, balanced article about MilBloggers from John Hockenberry in Wired.

Alas, I did not make the cut....but he sure hit the brain trust of the UberMilBloggers. A nice read, and you may want to bookmark it if someone asks you, "What is a MilBlogger?"
..... an oddball online Greek chorus narrating the conflict in Iraq. ... loosely organized activists, angry contrarians, jolly testosterone fuckups, self-appointed pundits, and would-be poets who call themselves milbloggers, as in military bloggers. Whether posting from inside Iraq on active duty, from noncombat bases around the world, or even from their neighborhoods back home after being discharged - where they can still follow events closely and deliver their often blunt opinions - milbloggers offer an unprecedented real-time real-life window on war and the people who wage it.
Giggle. I like the descriptive roundup. Mmmmm, which one are you? JFT or SAP?

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