Monday, August 22, 2005

Just a low pass – tastes like Jawa

No, I have not earned my SGLI, but my computer access is still very limited. Just enough time today to put out the Sunday Funnies and point your way to a solid post by Dr. Rusty Shakleford.

The “Right” – “Left” divide is always interesting to pick at, especially when it comes to the Post-911 Conflict (new phrase I am trying out. GWOT and GSAVE give me hives).

When it comes to military service, what are the percentages for the UberBoggers? As always, read the
whole thing., but here is the Executive Summary.

Of the 11 bloggers who responded from the Left, 2 of them--or 18.2%--had been in the military.

If you just look at the top 12 bloggers from the Right, none of them had served in the U.S. military.

However, of the top 21 bloggers who responded from the Right, 6 of them--or 28.6%--had been in the military.

The further down the TTLB Ecosystem rankings you go among bloggers on the Right, the more likely they will have been to have served in the military. The further up the TTLB Ecosystem Traffic Rankings you go among bloggers on the Left, the more likely they will have been to have served in the military.

So, among the top bloggers on both the Left and Right, only a minority have ever served in the military. Are bloggers on the Left draft-dodging haters of the military? There's no evidence to suggest that. Are bloggers on the Right warmongering chickenhawks eager to send others to war but not face that risk themselves? There is certainly no evidence to suggest that either.

Good comments from John as well.

Posting will be spotty for a couple of weeks, but I hope not to have more than a 48 hour hold. Posts will be short.

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