Monday, August 01, 2005

Flag desecration at CBS-AP

I'm not even going to go into the context of the story because it is really disconnected to the image that went with it....kind of.

The MSM is not stupid, I assume. They know what the American flag represents. They know the meaning of the 50 stars. They know what radical Islamists
want to do to the United States......and yet they do not know what this flag means?

I don't buy it. If they did not do this as a Dhimmi-like desire to be dominated by Islamofascists, then they are too uneducated to work for a major news organization. So, do we call them al-CBS and al-AP now?

This is how they honor their flag.

Oh, and what link did CBS offer at the end of their article? Why the German-American Bund.....I mean CAIR. What a shocker.

'Nuff said.

Hat tip Hyscience via Jawa and Clarity & Resolve.

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