Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tilting against Pat Schroeder’s windmill

In case you missed it, over the past 48 hours there was a perfect storm in the MilBlog arena about that irritating, wrong, spiteful, anti-military, Herpes like (the gift that keeps giving) gift from good ‘ole Pat; the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act.

Skippy-san popped a circuit breaker, Chappy had a bit of Schadenfreude, and Greyhawk at Mudville found something that demonstrates a perfect unintended consequence that I hope nails Pat right between the eyes.

Greyhawk points us to a “Townhall Meeting” by the SECDEF at the “Pentagon Channel

Look at the
video. It is there you will find the humor about this very unfair, anti-male, anti-military Act. About 90% of the way through the Q&A, a great question came from a female Lt Col who will be forced to relinquish much of her pension to her ex-husband (who earns more than she does) because of the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act. She is the sole custodian of 2 young children. She was married for 9 years to someone that was military and then got out. She supported his education. He is now a civilian making more than she does. She is coming up on 20 yrs. Because of this act, at 20 yrs if she retires or not, that ball-less wonder of an ex-husband will receive a check every month from her. She makes a good point, this isn't a male-female issue - this is a military issue. Bravo Zulu to her for getting up to ask the hard question and pressing the issue through fully with the SECDEF. SECDEF seemed shocked and surprised and unaware. Not now.

BTW, the good Lt. Col. is single, smart, and as reasonably attractive as one can get in BDUs. Skippy....she isn't Asian....but you would have something to talk about at dinner.

OBTW, unlike some, I am a huge fan of Secretary Rumsfeld. Watch it and you will see why. Looks how he answers the questions. Respect begets respect (and he mentions bloggers).

UPDATE: If you can't get the video to load, here is the transcript.

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