Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Liberated Hostage Apologizes to Bush

Boy, this would be nice to see on the evening news....but that is why we have The Jawa Report.
As reported in
The Herald Sun,
FREED Australian hostage Douglas Wood said today he fully supported the role of the US and Australian governments in Iraq, saying he was "proof positive" that coalition troops were improving the country.
Ah, but here is the kicker,
"Frankly I'd like to apologize to both President (George W.) Bush and Prime Minister (John) Howard for the things I said under duress," said Mr Wood "I actually believe that I am proof positive that the current policy of training the Iraqi army ... works because it was Iraqis that got me out," he added.
Harumph. Senator Hagel, call your office.
He said there were times he believed he would be killed by his captors, whom he emphatically described as "a...holes".

His way of getting through it, he said, was to "keep laughing".

Mr Wood avoided speaking in detail about his ordeal during a news conference which he entered humming "Waltzing Matilda" and finished with a salute to his favourite AFL team, Geelong.
Now this guy sounds like someone worth cloning. Where can I buy him a beer?

I love Australians; and I don't mean that in a creepy way.

Hat tip
The Jawa Report.

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