Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Iraq and parakeets: Michael Yon has the gouge

If you are not reading Michael Yon, first report on here, on a regular basis, you are missing some of the best, serious, ground level reporting on Iraq.

I'll let you discover the serious stuff on your own, but this observation he had of one of the Iraqi good-guys just cracked me up. It reminds me of the cold-droll deployment humor that I miss being on shore duty.

The Iraqi police arrive en force, and all eyes are drawn to a Rambo-looking character among them who has a light machine gun. He looks cool, but has the tactical sense of a parakeet. Perfect target for a sniper. I took a knee.

On a not-so-subtle point. If CNNMSNBCABCNBCCBSFOX wanted to show what was really going on in Iraq to the American people, they would dedicate just a bit of the bandwidth to Mr. Yon's reports as they do to the important goings on in Aruba and Neverland Ranch. Oh wait. I forgot. We really need more stories about Koran abuse and Abu Ghraib. Silly me.


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