Monday, June 06, 2005

Dutch Childrens' Message to the Eurofuture: Bugger off!

Back to my friends the Dutch….this time the young’uns. Like they don’t have anything better to do with the taxpayers’ money, the Dutch Educrats spent some Guilders…Euros whatever, to see what the future of The Tulip Nation thinks of the European Constitution (RIP). From the simply named Scholierenreferendum.
A total of 23,730 kids voted (a turnout of 47%). The result?

Only 6,812 (30,12%) voted in favour of the European Constitutional Treaty against 15,801 (69,88%) who rejected it. The number of valid votes was 22,613.

No Tibi Spiro... asks “What shall we tell the parents?” I think we tell them, “Your future is looking better all the time….now go have more kids.”

Hat tip England Expects and No Tibi Spiro...

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