Friday, June 24, 2005

Field Marshal Rommel is rolling in his grave

How far the mighty have fallen. From Frederick the Great's Prussians, to Kaiser Bill's outstanding Deutschen Reichsheeres, to the feared professionals of the Wehrmacht that served with Field Marshall Rommel; the last thing you could accuse the German Soldier of being is wanting to be on par with and/or look like a hausfrau. Well, welcome to the 21st Century. To quote a great man from a great movie.
God, how I hate the Twentieth Century.
Now this has nothing to do with the recent entry of women into the Bundeswehr and their ability to kill bad guys - our female soldiers do a good job at that, but is a direct byproduct. Coming to an American Court near you:
GI Joe's buzz used to be troop standard, as officers meticulously monitored the length of soldiers' hair. Now even ponytails are allowed in the German army after a few shaggy men demanded equal treatment with the women.
Equal treatment for all – those were the arguments German women used to gain entry into the army. Now the men are ... learning to apply the same terms ... After all, why shouldn't men also enjoy the same pleasures of coming through their long locks?

That's what an 18-year-old recruit argued, when his commanding officer demanded he cut off his 25-centimeter long ponytail. When he refused to do so, he was imprisoned for subordination and fined 150 euros. ... he sought legal council and demanded the repeal of the so-called "hair and beard regulation," which enforces strict ... standards ... for men ... while allowing longer coiffures for women. ... was unfair, the soldier argued. It meant he didn't have the same freedom to develop his personality as the women.

A military court in Bavaria was convinced. It said ... the hair regulation was unconstitutional. (and) was an infringement of the basic right to freedom of expression.
Don't laugh. Some in our Supreme Court think we should look very closely at other country's law when drafting our own.

Here is a good question, does
this still bring FEAR into the hearts of Frenchmen? Don't be silly. Of course.

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