Thursday, June 23, 2005

Let ‘em burn it so we know who the Asshats are

I know I am going to loose some of you here, but freedom isn’t free.

flag burning amendment passed by the House yesterday is just stupid. IMAO we should always err on the side OF freedom, not AGAINST freedom. Just speaking for myself, my years of service are not insulted or wounded because some clueless, undereducated, patchouli oil covered, over-pierced folks whose daddy didn’t love them enough decide to burn a flag. What are there, a dozen or so here in the U.S.?

We are a bigger, better, and more secure country than to think this VERSION OF SPEECH needs to be made illegal via an amendment to the Constitution. That is just asinine. What form of speech in next? Political Cartoons? Presidential Jokes? MilBlogs?

Let them burn the Flag, it will let us know who ate lead paint chips as a child. They need help.

I have disagreed more often than I wish with
The Commissar after he took his “break” and shifted away from the black background and red font, but he is still one of the better, level headed bloggers out there – I would still unquestionably buy that guy a beer and invite him to a 4th of July picnic.

As is his nature, he is right on target WRT this.

The flag desecration amendment is an empty gesture. The overblown patriotic tone here was mocking the Left's attack on the "non-co-sponsors" of the anti-lynching bill. For the Left and Right to put forth resolutions, which then give them convenient hooks to attack those who don't "do the right thing" is annoying.
Make sure and read the whole post though. The Commissar goes “old school” with the mocking in the beginning.

Well done Comrade!

So, you love freedom? You love this country? Feel a need to adjust the Constitution? Expend your efforts towards a real threat to liberty. SHAME ON SOUTER, BREYER, GINSBURG, STEVENS, AND KENNEDY. Lets draft an amendment to overturn
this bucket of FOD coming out of SCOTUS. Thanks to these enlightened "Justices," gov'munt now has the power to take one citizens property to enrich another. That is not what happens in a free country. That is a real threat to what people have given their lives for. The Commissar is all over that as well.
UPDATE II - Electric Boogaloo: OK, maybe I'm not alone in the trench here. I see Scott over there sharpening his bayonet, my dear Bookie is on the other side of me nodding at the Vast Right Wing Mortar Squad, and it looks like The Commissar is standing on top of the trench lines, screaming like a madman at the enemy, giving them a good taunting. I feel better. Great company.

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