Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Newsweek - Hello? No Koran or anything, but still....

Who here thinks this is a story that deserves at least a percentage of one about rumors by the enemy that someone may be doing something goofy with printed paper?
JALALPUR, Bangladesh - A Baptist lay pastor has been beheaded in Bangladesh, the second Christian leader to lose his life in that country in a year, according to a Christian news organization.

Dulal Sarkar, 35, was attacked as he returned home from discussing his faith with local villagers, reported Compass Direct, which tracks incidents of Christian persecution. One source later identified the assailants as a group of 10 local Muslim extremists. After reporting the incident, Sarkur's wife, mother and five children have been forced to move from place to place in fear for their lives.
Wait. This doesn't make the American military look like the barbarians that we know they are (because no one who works at Newsweek is/was/has family that would DARE be in the nasty-icky-socially unacceptable military)...

While we are on the subject of military families: take a trip over to the Mudville Gazette. They have an interesting thread on the "Military Caste."

Unless you consider two grandfathers as Enlisted Sailors in WWI; I don't come from that Class. But I am surrounded by them. Great families all.

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