Friday, February 25, 2005

Ward Churchill: He lies about his service too

Once more I want to make a pitch for B.G. Burkett's book Stolen Valor. Those who have read the book know how bad the "poseur" crowd is. From those who never served claiming to be SEALs, to those that were, say truck drivers in Vietnam claiming to be members of a LRRP team; lot of pathetic people claim to be more than they are.

Every person in a war is important. From the Unrated Seaman on the FFG doing Maritime Interdiction Operations, to the Commander of CENTCOM; every job is critical.

Churchill is already a known liar by claiming to be an American Indian when he is not. He also recently proved to be a artistic fraud as well. The Denver Post has also proved that he lied about his service in Vietnam.
U.S. Army records produced in 2004 in response to a request from the organization News From Indian Country show that Churchill was inducted on Nov. 16, 1966, and trained as a light-truck driver and projectionist. He spent most of a year in Vietnam.

The stories he has told over the years of his Vietnam service have varied dramatically. On a 1980 résumé submitted to the University of Colorado, Churchill wrote that he served as a public-information specialist who "wrote and edited the battalion newsletter and wrote news releases."

In a 1987 interview with The Denver Post, and as recently as two weeks ago, Churchill described his Vietnam service as more complicated. In the 1987 interview, he said he had attended paratrooper school and been assigned as part of an elite long- range reconnaissance patrol to hunt the enemy. His service records do not reflect paratrooper school, or training or assignment on reconnaissance.

At his recent trial on charges of disrupting Denver's Columbus Day parade, he said he had walked "point" in a combat unit in Vietnam and was called "chief" because of his Indian heritage. "I was on the ground pulling triggers. You can't undo that. And I have an obligation to do what I can by way of compensation," Churchill said in a recent interview. "You can say that is the foundational reason that I do most all of what I do."
What a poseur. Having done the better part of a year doing important, honorable service in Vietnam isn't good enough. What a crock.
Oh, and I pulled Saddam out of his spider hole

Hat tip to LGF and Michelle Malkin.

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