Thursday, February 17, 2005

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

(Best sung to Alanis Morissett's "Ironic")

It’s like hypocrisy
About almost everything
I hate the President
And all of his things
I feel real important
About all the important things

And wouldn't you know
I’m a Moonbat

Honestly, I really couldn’t care less. It is like the pine cone at your feet, you just can’t help but kick it.

Amazing how proud she is to be an American.
"I will never renounce my Canadian citizenship," Morissette said in a statement Wednesday. "I consider myself a Canadian-American.
"There was a turning point during the ceremony where I felt connected to this country in a way that I didn't quite expect,"
There are, I don’t know, millions of poor, hard working people that love this country dearly that wish to have any chance to be Americans. Just plain American-Americans. Many have given their lives trying.

Congrats Alanis Morissette; don’t forget to pay your taxes.

UPDATE: I think Bookworm is on to something. I smell motivation, and a lot of George Wa$hington$ are all over it.

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