Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Two Army guys that speak with "Big Medicine"

Everyone on active duty has to deal with the "Oh you are in the military? Let me tell you what I think about ...bla...bla...bla"

Personally, I love a solid conversation about everything POLMIL, but now and then you get on the receiving end of a one-way conversation with one of the Moonbat Legions. Never fun, and always a great opportunity to demure and walk away.

Well, these two Army guys put is like a Marine should (snark, snark). Go to their page
"Schadenfreude" (BTW: Top 5 word, Soldier. I am red with envy. That should have been my blog name!!!!!) Here is a teaser quote, though you have to go to their page for the rest of the pics that set the mood;
You sit there and pontificate on subjects you know nothing about. The best you can do is regurgitate what your favorite LSAH spewed on CNN last night.....You attempt to make judgments on me and my fellows from a position of ignorance. The amount of truth you actually know is so insignificant as to be ridiculous. We are all a little more stupid for listening to you.
Demure my ass. Well said Soldier!

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