Sunday, February 13, 2005

Chief of the Boat: Get me a corn broom!

Behold the power of cheese? Heck, behold the power of the blogosphere!!

First Howell Raines's, the editor of the New York Times was keel-hauled; then Memogate and Dan Rather's head on a pike; now Eason Jordan is gibbeted from the yardarm. A couple more MSM types, and we need to start thinking about the broom. While we are doing that, we should cue John's recommended musical score.

UPDATE: Llamabutchers has an excellent scorecard. While Vodkapundit and Lileks are having reasonable concerns we may get too carried away head-hunting, methinks it is healthy. Few things are as self correcting and self policed than the blogosphere. If you dork-up, the instalanche of pain is massive.
UPDATE II: Electric Boogaloo. 'What is it with the broom thing?', you say. Bubblehead gives a good overview, and Nineme plays around with it. Why do I care? Well, Dusty over at Argghhh! puts it quite well.

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