Saturday, February 05, 2005

The Death of Europe Continued – “We hate ourselves. Will you love us now?”

Sometimes it seems as if the collective governments of Europe have been taken over by some strange mix of the New York City Teachers Union and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

The sheer mindless Moonbattyness of this is almost beyond description. Scrappleface couldn’t make this stuff up.

Read the whole thing here (get your Dutch dictionary handy), but let me give you a “Pu-Pu Platter” sampler:

In the Netherlands the national flag is now banned on most schools. If a student wears the national flag of his own country he will be suspended or expelled from school. The reason for this is that this provokes the immigrants (the Muslims) and therefore it is considered discrimination if you wear your country's flag in your own country. Even people who have a bumpersticker with the flag on their car are harassed and called a fascist by the Muslims. Most schools also ban certain clothing like the Lonsdale brand and combat boots with white or red laces. This is also considered a sign of racism.

There are of course no restrictions for the immigrants on clothing.

Combine an imploding demographic profile with the lack of moral courage to defend you culture, and I am sorry, you are done. Grab fork. There is hope out there in wooden shoe land, but the Right is going to have to deport their Left to Brussels before it is too late. Well, deport is just too strong of a word. Just vote them out of office. It’s fun.

Hat tip to Anne at PalmTree Pundit, she beat me to the punch on this one, but she pointed me towards Bookworm Room, so I will forgive her....again. Looks like a nice place to visit. If you want hear more of my take on Europe, I hit it here, here, and here.

UPDATE-EXTRA-EXTRA-UPDATE: BAAAAWAAAHAHHHAHAHHAAAA!!! Much better stuff here the further you dig. Recommend going to DutchReport and DownEastBlog for some better detail.
I think, in Holland at least, we may.....may... be reaching a tipping point. Good Dutch citizens all over are starting to throw the BS flag. Additionally, some (myself included) should be careful throwing around the "L" word (Leftist) term that can be from a "American-centric" perspective. The "Christian" Democratic MP's are running for their Dhimmi corner on this as well. Sounds like the Dutch people need to start wearing Ukrainian Orange .....
......oh, remember the "racist" charge? Take a gander of one of the two 16yr old boys that started the whole ruckus........his mother is of African extraction!! BAWAHHHAAAAA. I love it when reality beats the PC race baiters over the head. Their “everyone breeds like we do" worldview is just outdated. This issue has nothing (of course) to do with has everything to do with culture. Patrick Balk and Mark De Mooij, keep it up. We are on your side. From one mutt to another.....wear it with pride - and sing your national anthem (what is that anyway - "My Tulip Grows out of my Wood Shoe at my Windmill"?) while you are at it!
UPDATE II Electric Boogaloo: Not England too!! Sigh.


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