Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Come to think of it, I don’t remember a lot of strays in Hawaii…

It has reached the point that they have to a bill in Hawaii to make it illegal to eat Fido and Fluffy. While I was stationed there, I lived where H1 and H2 come together, I don't remember this being a big deal outside the jokes.

For those who have lived in Hawaii, you know that this was a great opportunity for the race-baiting, any excuse to be a victim crowd to come out.

State Rep. Alex Sonson says the proposed measure is a reaction to hearsay and would harm the image of Filipinos, Koreans and other Asian ethnic groups who make up the majority of the state's population.

"It perpetuates this myth that every Filipino is eating it," Sonson said. "But they're not."

Frank Wu, dean of Wayne State University Law School in Detroit, believes the issue of eating dog is stressed "to caricature and condemn particular populations," namely Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese and other Asians. Wu wrote about dog-eating in his book "Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White."

As is often true in the PDRH (Peoples Democratic Republic of Hawaii), just because there isn't a need doesn't mean we shoudn't have a law.

Honolulu resident Kim Soiti, who has a dog and two cats, thinks Wakai's bill should be passed even if there is no evidence that anyone in the state is consuming dog or cat meat.
Ah, but is there a grain of truth?
State Rep. Glenn Wakai (not an Irish name), who introduced the measure, said it is aimed at stemming the growth of a "cottage industry" with the potential to threaten public health. He said news reports last August about dogs being stolen and butchered in some Oahu neighborhoods proves there's a problem.
Sometimes I miss Hawaii. Then again, Anne - have PalmPilot lock up the pets.

I always love a good food fight.

UPDATE: PalmTree Pundit has a link to a local write-up in the Honululu Pravdatiser that still doesn't answer the question: can you get that as a Plate Lunch at L and L Drive in?


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