Friday, February 25, 2005

Freedom is not free: the Dutch example

Often in the history of Western Civilization, it is not those in uniform who are the bravest, or make the greatest contributions to Liberty. Just as a couple of examples, Americans can look to Ben Franklin and M.L. King. For now, the Dutch have Hirsh Ali and Geert Wilders.

In the face of death threats and the total disruption of their lives, Ali and Wilders continue to refuse to bend.

I am of two minds on this: first we should be strengthened by THEIR resolve, secondly saddened by the fact that they have to be prisoners in their own country because they speak for freedom.

As I have mentioned,
here, here, and here, what is happening in Holland is critical. In some ways, perhaps the Dutch are sticking their finger in the dike to resist the growing flood of Islamofascism in Europe.

Will their efforts be in vain? We'll see.

Hat tip to the outstanding
Dutch Report .

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