Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Loss of Moral Authority at Annapolis

You have a senior leader who had a regular habit of using his position of authority, it is alleged in many cases and in some places proved, in order to engage in sexual activity with his junior employes and in some cases, their wives and girlfriends.

In the course of an official investigation, he lied about it under oath. His lies were so over the top and brazen, he lost his law license over it.

In light of the exceptional effort to make sure future leaders understand that sexual misconduct - especially between senior personnel and junior personnel - will not be tolerated, and wanting to make sure that in a profession where your word is your bond, and your oaths sacred, who do we put forth as an example?

As Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Adm. Mike Miller, USN said:
"I will hold accountable those who are found to have committed these heinous acts...As superintendent, I want to ensure that all midshipmen have confidence that the Naval Academy will address and appropriately resolve all incidents of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual contact. Most importantly, I want to ensure that everyone at the Naval Academy continues to promote a positive command climate where this type of behavior is immediately identified and ultimately eliminated. As an institution producing future leaders for the Navy and Marine Corps, nothing is more important than instilling and maintaining a climate where all midshipmen always treat one another – and expect to be treated – with dignity and respect."
OK. Words are one thing; deeds are another.

I'll let ya'll fight it out, but I have a word for you - politics. Another word: shame.

Here; bask in it. The visuals are so gobsmacking that I couldn't have made it up if I wanted to.

Former President William J. Clinton will deliver a Forrestal Lecture to the Brigade of Midshipmen as a part of the 54th Annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference today in Alumni Hall at the academy.

You can officially stop lecturing your MIDN every other day via the SAPR rep. Your credibility is shot on this issue.

I really hope this was a Staff failure that was so far down the pipe, no pun intended, that by the time VADM Miller found out, he could "not" stop it without that act itself being political.

Well, that is hope - in a fashion. We know what track record that has.

What I want to know is this; who started the ball rolling for this invitation? What is their job now? Have they read any newspaper after 2000 outside the Style Section?

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