Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Is Naval Combat that Clean?

Let's be pedantic ... but in a good way, shall we?

Perhaps this is a bit too much word parsing, but words mean things. Words lead to decisions down the road that impact real people and ships.

From SECNAVINST 5030.3B, on the classifications of ships, let's look at the definition of "Support Type Ships,"
2. Support Type Ships

A grouping of ships designed to provide general support to either combatant forces or shore-based establishments. Those auxiliary ships that provide support to naval operations but are not involved with combatant forces, Navy warfighting, or support missions, and are not part of the battle force inventory are listed below.
I'm sorry, but I don't think war at sea is that much of a set piece operation - if you are going to take on board the highlighted passage above. That wording is not helpful - and except for the most narrowly defined word meaning, not accurate.

Some of these ships may fit well this rather awkward phrasing, but not all. In that list we have ACS, AGM, AGOR, AGS, AH, AK, AKR, AOT, ARC, AVB, HST.

And as a final note, can we please call the HST something else, She does stick out like a sore thumb. The lack of sticking to rules is just a marker of bureaucratic laziness just like it was skipping all the way to "35" for the F-35.

Hat tip Lee.

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