Monday, April 21, 2014

I am offering a letter of marque

Here it is - to whomever can get me usable audio or better yet - usable video and audio, I offer the following.

For video and audio: dinner paid by your humble blogg'r for you and one other person hosted by said blogg'r. Location and time to be determined by best coordination of schedules. If too difficult or the privateer chooses, two bottles from the Catoctin Creek product line, if of legal age. If not of legal age, pizza delivery for six.

For audio: one bottle from the Catoctin Creek product line, if of legal age. If not of legal age, pizza delivery for three.

Of course, all my sources are kept in strict confidence.

Your target:
Gender Matters Presents:

Under Covers: Midshipmen's Perspectives on Gender at USNA 2014

Tuesday, April 22 and Thursday, April 24

at 7:15/1915

in Mahan

Performances are FREE for Midshipmen, Faculty, and Staff

(This event is closed to the general public.)

Under Covers is an annual Midshipmen written and performed collection of monologues expressing the diverse attitudes about sex and gender from across the Brigade. Subject matter ranges from humorous to serious and is intended for adult audiences only. A brief open-mic discussion will follow each night's performance.
By all means, if you want MIDN not to look at each other as sexual objects, please have them go to a performance where they can talk to each other about "diverse" attitudes about sex. Unless, of course, it is a strictly controlled self-criticism session run by the jack-booted stormtroopers of gender identity - then it will be just another boor.

I wonder if the MIDN who advertises herself for service on a BDSM "dating" website (links sent to me by her fellow MIDN BTW), in partial uniform, natch, will be there? Or did she graduate and is already in the Fleet?

Yes, we've covered this before - and I know why it is closed to the public. Josh Foxton kind of ruined it for everyone.

Funny thing about this - in spite of its patronizing self-parody, I don't think it will every go away. The commissariat will destroy anyone - especially a male - who ever tried to can it.

Wait ... perhaps a female leader could ... or we do just shame it away by letting it see the light of day year after year after year ...

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