Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In This Area at Least, the Russians are Winning

I know that we are trying real hard to close our eyes and make Russia go away - but the Russians for now don't seem to want to play.

A fair bit of tut-tut'n is going on about, "Cold War nostalgia," and in a fashion I get that snark. Leaving that behind, especially for those who spent their early JO days and more in the last gasps of the old Soviet Union, there has been some old school propaganda going on - hyperbole and all.

I'm still grinning at this;
Russian Sukhoi Su -24 with the newest jamming complex paralyzed in the Black Sea the most modern American combat management system "Aegis" installed on the destroyer "USS Donald Cook". Pavel Zolotarev, Deputy Director, Institute of USA and Canada, shares details about this version which is being actively discussed in the Russian media and by bloggers.

US destroyer "Donald Cook" with cruise missiles "Tomahawk" entered the neutral waters of the Black Sea on April 10. The purpose was a demonstration of force and intimidation in connection with the position of Russia in Ukraine and Crimea. The appearance of American warships in these waters is in contradiction of the Montreux Convention about the nature and duration of stay in the Black Sea by the military ships of countries not washed by this sea.
SU-24, the old Soviet version of the F-111.

Good times, good times ....

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