Friday, April 11, 2014

Fullbore Friday

In this encore FbF, a reminder that life may put you in a place where you will have to do the right thing, and by doing this you will be hated by your own, and it may take decades for the people you help to even grudgingly acknowledge what you did.

Such is the price fate deals some people - but there is something about doing the right thing - the guy in the mirror every AM will know what you did, and more often than not, history will as well.

Bravo Zulu Heinz.

The line between hero and traitor can be a thin one.

The important thing for anyone is to know what the answer is from the person in front of the mirror tomorrow morning - or the man a few decades later.

slept well I think.
A renegade former member of Germany's World War Two navy, who thwarted plans to wreck the French port of Bordeaux by retreating Nazi forces, has died at the age of 91, officials said.

Heinz Stahlschmidt was serving as a petty officer in the Kriegsmarine when he was ordered to help prepare the destruction of the southwestern city's port facilities as the Germans pulled out ahead of advancing allied troops.

Instead, he set off an explosion in the bunker holding detonators and time fuses for the planned demolition, preventing mass carnage in the port area and, according to some historians, possibly saving up to 3,500 lives.

Stahlschmidt, who was long considered a traitor in postwar Germany, stayed in Bordeaux, taking the name Henri Salmide and working in the port fire department. But he struggled for a long time to win recognition in his adopted country.
Rest in peace. You did good in a way few can in life - especially in the time you lived in.

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