Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Ethos of a Defense Acquisition Professional?

Read the following quote from Frank Kendall, Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics).
We must speak truth to power about problems within our programs and about ill-advised guidance that will lead to poor results. Successful acquisition requires a culture of "telling bad news fast," and that values accountability without a "shoot the messenger" mentality.
OK, here is the question I have; are we rewarding such behavior? Where does the up and coming, hard charging young man or woman look for the behavior that gets rewarded?

In the rolling train wreck that is the LCS program - did we support and reward those who, "spoke truth to power?" How about those who, "told bad news fast?"

Forget just LCS, can someone point to me any of the recently minted Flag Officers who have such a reputation? 

Just like we say we want critical thinkers and those with a broad and diverse education, preferably an advanced degree? Are these a priority? If so, are these priorities reflected in the latest Command screen boards? How about selection to Flag?

Are we likely to find critical thinkers, or those who have a standard issue career path that is much closer to the "shut up and color" response to creative friction?

The below is a good read - I just wish it was reflected in reality - experience shows that I don't think it is.

Hat tip DF.

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