Thursday, June 07, 2012

USMC Plays Weak Horse

One Marine had the right idea - the other one decided to be a dhimmi.
A controversial decision by local commanders to again refer to a Beaufort F-18 squadron as the "Crusaders" has been reversed by a three-star general, according to Marine Corps officials.

Lt. Gen. Terry Robling, deputy commandant for aviation, issued an order April 30 that Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 discontinue use of the Crusaders moniker and a logo that featured a red cross on a white shield. The squadon will retain its identity as the "Werewolves," said Lt. Col. Joseph Plenzler, a Corps spokesman.

Robling's order came about a month after the unit's commanding officer, Lt. Col. Wade Wiegel, announced during a 70th anniversary party that the unit would again be known as the Crusaders, a nickname used by the unit from 1959 to January 2008.

In 2008, it was changed back to its World War II-era nickname, the Werewolves, before a combat deployment to Iraq later that year. The name change was partly because unit commanders thought the Crusaders nickname would not be well-received by Iraqis and others in the region.
There is nothing wrong with Crusader ... unless you are intellectually lazy, a cultural masochist, and a person whose first instinct is to volunteer to play bottom to anyone who looks at you sideways.

What can you do with the historically ignorant, and the weak minded who in a most patronizing way give bullies what they want.

Lt. Col. Wiegel, USMC - he gets it.
All the other dhimmi can hold their manhood cheaply as they advertise their lack of confidence in their own military cultural heritage.

Our military heritage derives from the British. Their military culture has a firm and direct connection to Richard the Lionheart. Do I need to keep pulling this thread? Do we need to review the intellectual laziness of judging our ancestors by today's standards? Do we really need to review the defensive nature of the Crusades after the advance of Islamic armies into the Christian Levant and North Africa through Byzantium prior and during the period of the Crusades? I really shouldn't.

What would Lt. Gen. Robling, USMC suggest the Italian Navy do with their coat of arms on the right?


Steve said...

I'm afraid I don't understand. What does the Marine Corps have to do with Richard Coeur De Leon? Why do they have to have a cross on their unit insignia? Shouldn't the Corps be religiously neutral? How does changing them to the Werewolves cheapen their manhood? Are the men who fought as Werewolves somehow less than those that fought as Crusaders? Were the actual Crusades a good thing that we want to promote?

Patrick said...

Oh Steve...