Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bye, Bye B.I.O.T. ?

Does anyone in power have access to a map, a knowledge of history - or for that matter - a desire for their civilization's global security?

The "footprint of freedom" is one of the most valuable bits of territory on the planet; and yet we are seriously doing this?
The United States, Britain and Mauritius have begun talks that may lead to the loss of ports, airstrips and listening posts on Diego Garcia, the remote tropical atoll that has played an important role in American maritime, air and space operations throughout Asia and the Indian Ocean for much of the last 50 years.
Hardly anyone who was born there is still alive. There is nothing there to support any kind of economy. It is in the middle of nowhere ... and ... give me a break.

This represents the absolute worst kind of hand-wringing, navel picking, self-hating narcissism in the international sphere.

Do we want to make ourselves more vulnerable ... oh, wait ... I forgot - some do. As Patrick Brennen over at NRO reminds us;
The cause of the Chagossians is something of a (minor) pet cause among global leftists, who’ve never met a stateless people they didn’t like (well, besides the Kurds, the Jews, Sudan’s Christians . . .). One hopes that the Obama administration doesn’t sympathize with any of these appeals, since the conversation has obviously begun, and DOD seems to consider it at least a possibility.

One writer in the Guardian suggested that “the US could use the Chagos Islands to bomb Iran is another good reason why the UK must restore them to Mauritius.” Rather, this is a very good reason why the U.K. should never do so.
Well, there you go.

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