Monday, June 04, 2012

Ummmm ..... what "land-based platforms?"

OK - I'm game;
ATLAS ELEKTRONIK has increased the reach of its torpedoes substantially, setting a new range record for torpedoes. At a test-firing in March 2012, the heavyweight torpedo SeaHake mod4 ER (Extended Range) achieved a range of over 140 kilometres (75.6 NM). SeaHake mod 4 is the latest advancement of the DM 2 A4 heavyweight torpedo, which is in service with the German Navy as well as the navies of Turkey, Pakistan and Spain.
On of my favorite FbF is Kommandørkaptein Anderssen, his 40-yr old torpedoes, and defense of Oslo in Battle of Drøbak Sound ... but that is the last I have thought of land-based torpedoes.

Ummm ....
The SeaHake mod4 ER can be deployed from seagoing platforms as well as from special land-based platforms.
Am I missing something? Where in the 21st Century would a land-based HWT be useful that a ASCM would not? Does anyone still have land-based HWT batteries?

All I know - if I knew there were that type of HWT out there that .... well ... 25nm from shore would seem very close.
The new version of the SeaHake mod4 is also fitted with innovative navigation and communications technology, enabling extremely precise navigation and control of the torpedo over the entire distance.
Please tell me these are fixed "special land-based platforms."

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Steve said...

What ship has real anti-torpedo defenses? A few of these would overwhelm Nixie, and wouldn't be seen or be vulnerable to CIWS.