Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Code Monkey Notice

It is 15:50 EST. I am in the process of killing JS-Kit comments (they die in OCT anyway, so why not get it out of the way now) and will be moving over to Disqus.

I think I will be able to import all the years of comments ... if not they will be lost.

If you have comments ... hold off until we have a successful transfer. Watch this space for the execute command.
UPDATE: It appears to be up and running. Old comments should flow in during the next 24 hrs ... so we'll see. Until then - get started with Disqus and we'll see how it goes.


bc said...

This one is from droidephone. Not too bad; mobile version of the site. Comment as name/url inserts parens. Preview feature is nice and showd parens in name removed.

Casey said...

Checking out droid phone access. I csn comment via google account but the teeny screen -I have a 20" on the desk- is killing me.

...only one comment seen via droid...