Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Camo Wars

I only link to this because it is such an "I told you so" moment, I just can't help my narcissistic self.

Now, who was it that called for this camo pattern over half a decade ago? Via a great Beltway slam-down @ SOFREP,
The Crye Developed “Multicam” pattern. I estimate that this was developed for under $500k and it is one of the best camouflage patterns this Century has seen. There’s a reason combat units from all branches (including Special Operations) use it on deployment—it f[redacted] works.
Wait, there's a lame, dead horse. Let me beat it with SOFREP's stick.
The Navy’s “Aquaflage” pattern. I don’t know of one person I’ve asked who likes this silly uniform. Apparently it makes you vanish if you fall overboard, not a good quality if you ask me.
More good stuff at TheDaily on the topic.

Hat tip Lucien on FB.

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