Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'd like my good name back ... and maybe a ship too?

We've covered here COs not given the tools they need to maintain their ships - even borrowing Sailors from other already undermanned ships to get past the INSURV.

INSURV results became so uncomfortable that Big Navy decided to classify them to stop the open questions. What can a bad INSURV do? As I believe this was INSURV related (presumption on my part). Let's go back to MAR 2009.
The commanding officer of the mine countermeasures ship Devastator was relieved of command Tuesday for not “maintaining ship readiness standards,” the Navy announced.

Lt. Cmdr. Matt Tucker, who commanded the crew Persistent, was relieved by the commander of Mine Countermeasures Squadron 2, Capt. Robert Hospodar, just over three weeks after Naval Station Ingleside, Texas-based Devastator underwent a scheduled examination by the Board of Inspection and Survey.
If we had an unclassified copy of the INSURV, perhaps we could find out why, as reported by Tom Ricks,
Two years ago the Navy fired the skipper of the USS Devastator for not maintaining readiness standards. Now, I am hearing, his removal has been overturned.
Galrahn is hearing the same thing.

Details anyone? As the Vice President says - this is a BFD.

LCDR Tucker - congrats and I hope our Navy does the right thing.


FCC said...

Huge campaign donation?

LT B said...

Congratulations. It is not often the Navy does that and I wonder if he gets a special board etc.

Navig8r said...

I bet a paycheck that he never gets another ship, and gets passed over for O-5.  Surface Line is still a single-elimination tournament, and there is no such thing as a get-well tour.