Monday, June 20, 2011

Captain Roman Shchury - Salamander hero of the day ...

You love your crew. Your crew performs better than anyone else in the division. They know it - you know it.

Your crew has been insulted by some shore-duty Staff pogue. Do we really need a translator?

Actually - anyone know enough Russian to give me a transcript in English? Mine isn't up to snuff for this rant and all its Sailor-speak goodness. The face of the XO or COB at the 3-minute marks speaks to me as well.

Who is he yelling at?
Shchury, commander of the K-295 Samara nuclear submarine, was filmed telling off Sergei Bondarenko, the senior disciplinary officer with the vessel's division, for not congratulating his crew on Navy Day.

The disgruntled captain, speaking in a hoarse roar, denounces the perceived snub to his crew — which he says is one of only two units in the division that do any actual work — in expressions unfit for publication.

Shchury also stresses — with obscenities — that the crewmen are ready to die for their motherland. Curiously, he never directly targets Bondarenko over the course of the three-minute footage. ... Bondarenko — whose job is informally known as "political officer"...
They still have those?!?

Captain Shchury - if you are as old as I think you are, as JOs good chance we played on the opposite side of the game a few times - at least it is fun to think so. In any event - I salute you! I can't stand those oxygen thieves either.

Hat tip FCC.


Salty Gator said...

Loved it!  Was this filmed on the bridge wing or the "smoke deck?"  I have a feeling there is no smoke deck on a Russian ship, you probably get to smoke at your workcenter.  Which is actually a good idea--keeps people from getting out of work just to catch a smoke ["sorry Chief, I have to go out and smoke right now!"].

I wonder if the Russians and Brits bemoan the fall of the best naval powers as much as we do. Besides bemoaning their own fall, do they feel for us as we feel for them?  The real sailors amongst them, like CAPT Shchury, must.  Sigh.


The zampolit was played by Tim Curry.

LT Rusty said...

Brilliant.  I could only pick out a couple words here and there, but ... brilliant.

Squidly said...

@Sal - not sure if the RFN still has zampolits, but the sad part is that we now do.

Former 3364 said...

It is filmed on the bridge of a submarine.  

Grandpa Bluewater. said...

I would love to get a word for word translation with explanation of all the idioms, but just from the intonation and rhythm, that was high art, performed by a Master.

And...ahem.  Zampolits of any stench don't just steal oxygen...They breath the air the auxiliarymen made for the crew, eat the food the cooks prepared ditto, filled more than their share of the sanitary tank, and contribute not one useful thing. Utterly useless.

Sailors and Navies, so different, and so the same.

DeltaBravo said...

Not a pro here... but it was heavy on the sarcasm asking why they couldn't congratulate the crew (that worked night and day and the real work was done under HIM) and the crew was also having to deal with a smoking boiler that struck down 1/3 of their number.  Seems he wants to make sure the written report reflects the real quality of the crew.

DeltaBravo said...

After he takes the phone away from the grinning dude it sounds like at the :30 mark he says "Sergei Nikolaievich!"  And identifies himself as Captain Roman Shchury.  He starts saying something about
:38 "You fill out your observations, would it have been possible to trickle out a thank you (indecipherable because I'm not sure if he's speaking in idioms but it sounds like he credits the crew with keeping the engines purring)... But he can't!"  

I take it then his comment then is about noting on the report that his steadfast crew is "niz nikovo naxo" or "won't be found beneath anyone." i.e..... they're top-notch.   

At the :58 mark it sounds like he's saying "Pour it on!  On your card put that the real work is backed by Shchury!  And by the personnel under Shchury."  "YEAH!" 

1:12 "Sergei Nikolaievich!  Come on!  Would it have been a problem to congratulate them?"  "They're working day and night and we are expending all our efforts. " 

At about 1:20 he starts talking about "a smoke-filled boiler struck us down 1/3 in number."  (Really... that's what I got..
"da treti razmer nakurno bak nash nac beriot"

Then he rattles on very quickly and it sounds something like
1;24 "We who were there at that time clearly were looked upon respectfully.  But everyone was dismissed.  Would it have been a problem to congratulate them all, Nikolaievich?"

(darn that js kit word limit)

DeltaBravo said...

1:31 sounds like he's listening to the guy on the other end.

1:36  "Sergei Nicholaievich, we (undecipherable) provocative (undecipherable).  You clearly are telling us you will be (undecipherable)  "I was sure you in no way are saying (undecipherable).  I would have felt it. 
1:52  (The first guy who had the phone coughs...signal?  Warning?)        

"What about that!  I already felt the hostility (undecipherable) .  But you are saying (undecipherable) you are saying Nikolaievich...  But at the festival they congratulate us.  For us they rang (undecipherable) "shook our hands" (undecipherable...something about the division)

Pauses.  Listens at 2;14

"Why wouldn't you congratulate us!" 

2:23 What about that!" (undecipherable)  "To whom (undecipherable)!  I am defending (undecipherable) which (undecipherable) a courageous sign!"


2:41  Undecipherable)  "The zampolit can't.  But why didn't you congratulate both? 
2:51 (undecipherable) I am telling him to (undecipherable)   

3:03 Other guy laughs.

... yeah... lots of undecipherables here.  That's why the UN doesn't hire me...  ;)   

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Is he related to Nicolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky?

Salty Gator said...

this is what I get for posting while on serious painkillers.

FCC said...

I'm impressed.

DeltaBravo said...

I'm rusty... plus it's hard doing spoken word.  (Think translating "racer's edge" versus "razor's edge" if you didn't speak fluent English.  Context and dialect muddy the waters.  This guy seems to have a more coarse accent... bet he didn't go to MGU for his master's.)  Maybe if I had all day I could go back and pick out the undecipherables.  Or maybe one of Phib's fans in Moscow could be a sport and post the translation for our amusement.)

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Thank you, Delta!

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

URR also likes Tom Leher! HUZZAH!  YAY! YAY! YAY!,  Man, that guy was funny.  I particularly have always been fond of Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, and the Masochism Tango.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Apparently the Jesuits didn't think Vatican Rag was quite as funny as we did.  Somebody had it on cassette (this was college!) and it got lots of air time.  But New Math and Table of Elements were really funny. 

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I'm Lutheran, so I am allowed to smile at the Catholics.

Gasprague said...

I'll have to give this a go... he is really po'd... lots of "blad'"

Gasprague said...

XO: Greetings.  Arrived at the fucking mooring point, everything normal. (Garbled) feel that no fucking one from the division congratulated us, or the fucking fleet.  It's just that fucking (CO interrupts "Give me the phone") No one formed up, not the brigade, not the division, fuck. Well, in general, it's fucking (off center?), now (garbled) (Listens).

CO: This is fucked, give me the phone.

Gasprague said...

Sergej Nikolaevich, this is Guards Captain 1st Rank Shchuryj... what the fuck is wrong with you?!!... Could you at least thank the crew while we are getting fucked from behind in this division?!  COuldn't you?! We fucking have an iron ass here!  There is no one fucking here!  Fuck!  We have two here doing real work, Savon and Shchuryj! Or is Shchuryj being fucked off??!... Yeah?... Sergej Nikolaevich, when is it a fucking problem to pass congratulations?  We are standing fucking point, on the line (oc: rough translation).  (possible: we have three times the crew onboard)  And they are (erecting an execution block?) to shoot everybody, fuck! What kind of fucking problem is it to congratulate, Sergej Nikolaevich?!


Gasprague said...

Sergej Nikolaevich, we are ready to get on the road to (garbled), but if you tell us, we will go to hell.... you never fucking told us to go to hell, I just feel it.... Fuck, I'm not feeling it right?  You're telling me to fuck off.  Say it, Sergej Nikolaevich!  Well, I
feel you did not congratulate us.  We have two units in the division that are getting fucked from behind!  That's me and Savon, fuck!  Why didn't you fucking congratulate us, goddamn it?!... What?... (When can you come over?)... Who do I have to fucking deal with?  I am so pissed off that I'm (going to rip off somebody's dick)!... Is that all you can say to me,
Sergej Nikolaevich?... Well, you're the political assistant, why didn't you fucking congratulate me?  I'm telling you, I'm a specialist at (garbled), fuck.  I'll tell him that you took us aside (garbled) and (unmasked us!) 
I think he hung up there :)

George (CTIC(SG), retired)

Gasprague said...

A lot of garbles, but as DB said, street talk is hard (in any language)

Blad' - "whore".  Used like we use "fuck"
Khuj - Dick.  Also used like we use "fuck"
Pizda - Pussy.  Used as an insult
Ryakom - Doggie style

Hope this helps :)

DeltaBravo said...

Thank you!  Very interesting!  (I made him sound ladylike!  O:-)   No one used the really bad words around me in class.  Go figure...)

Gasprague said...

When I took the basic course, we had a lady from Leningrad that would come in and explain "slang" to us.  When I was back as an instructor (03-06), you could only refer them to the bookstore down the street where they could buy a slang book... gotta love PC...

Chap said...

From Joel, a desk reassignment....

Chap said...

(yeah it's a .ru link but it's Ria Novosti so slightly less virus-laden than the usual .ru site...)

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