Thursday, February 24, 2011

Diversity Thursday

We know the Diversity Bullies can be doctrinaire ... just like their Commissariat predecessors.

Did you ever think though that - yes, gird your loins - Embracing Diversity would become Joint Doctrine?

Well - as I have some of the best spies in the business - snack on this; I received a "Preliminary Coordination Program Directive (PC PD) Draft"

Please, go to Chapter 5.4.

If that is required for Spiritual Fitness .... good googly moogly. This Evangelical is not impressed.



Subject: Draft Program Directive (PD) for Joint Test Publication 3-XX, Total Force Fitness

1) Purpose. This memorandum provides the chapter outline, milestones, and guidance for the development of JTP, 3-XX, Total Force Fitness. The Director for Operational Plans and Joint Force Development (J-7) is the lead agent (LA) and the Joint Staff Doctrine Sponsor (JSDS); and is responsible for the development of the JTP.

2) Background. The JS J-7 Joint Education and Doctrine Division proposed the development of a joint publication on total force fitness and presented the proposal for discussion and decision at the 46th Joint Doctrine Planning Conference (JDPC). The US Joint Forces Command Joint Warfighting Center Doctrine and Education Group conducted a front end analysis that was also presented to the JDPC. The JDPC recommended that the Joint Doctrine Development Community develop a joint test publication on the total force fitness to allow current information on the subject matter to mature during the development and evaluation of the test publication. JS J-7 approval of the minutes identified the JS J-7 as the LA and JSDS and authorized JDDC development of the joint test publication.

3) Scope. This publication establishes a common TFF framework, defines terms, and identifies related mission areas and responsibilities. It provides overarching joint doctrine, articulating the linkage between related joint training and procedures as well as supporting service doctrine.

4) Chapter Outline:

a) Chapter I – Total Force Fitness

(1) Purpose and Organization
(2) Unit Strength and Cohesion
(3) Roles and Responsibilities
(4) Holistic Approach
(5) Human Performance Optimization
(6) TFF Domains

b) Chapter II – Physical Domain
(1) Description
(2) Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Mobility
(3) Assessment and Metrics

c) Chapter III – Environmental Domain

(1) Description
(2) Heat, Cold, Altitude, Noise, Air Quality
(3) Assessment and Metrics

d) Chapter IV – Medical Domain

(1) Description
(2) Immunizations
(3) Screening
(4) Prophylaxis
(5) Dental
(6) Assessment and Metrics

Chapter V – Spiritual Domain

(1) Description
(2) Core Values
(3) Meaningfulness
(4) Embracing Diversity
(5) Ethical Foundation
(6) Assessment and Metrics

f) Chapter VI – Nutritional Domain

(1) Description
(2) Food Quality
(3) Nutrient Requirements
(4) Food Choices
(5) Assessment and Metrics

g) Chapter VII – Psychological Domain

(1) Description
(2) Coping
(3) Awareness
(4) Beliefs/Appraisals
(5) Decision Making
(6) Engagement
(7) Assessment and Metrics

h) Chapter VIII – Behavioral Domain

(1) Description
(2) Substance Abuse
(3) Hygiene
(4) Risk Mitigation
(5) Assessment and Metrics

i) Chapter IX – Social Domain

(1) Description
(2) Social Support
(3) Task Cohesion
(4) Social Cohesion
(5) Assessment and Metrics

j) Appendices

(1) TBD
(2) TBD

k) Glossary

(1) Part I: Abbreviations and Acronyms
(2) Part II: Terms and Definitions

5) Recommended Target Audience. This joint test publication applies to the Joint Staff, combatant commanders, subunified commands, joint task force and subordinate components of these commands, Services and their staffs. This joint test publication also provides information to US Government agencies; intergovernmental organizations; nongovernmental organizations and the private sectors.

6) References. The LA/JSDS will use the relevant Department of Defense issuances, CJCS issuances, applicable joint publications, Service doctrine, USJFCOM JWFC front-end-analysis results, lesson learned from recent operations and exercises, and other pertinent regulations and manuals in writing this joint test publication.

7) Project Development Milestones.

a) Program Directive (PD) due to J7 JEDD JDB: (60 days from PC PD JSAP)
b) Revision First Draft (RFD) due to J7 JEDD JDB: (5 months after PD approval)
c) Final Coordination (FC) adjudicated comments due from JSDS: (15 months after PD approval)
d) Approval: (17.5 months after PD approval)

8) The Lead Agent is directed to coordinate with the Services, combatant commands, other joint staff directorates, and combat support agencies as required in the course project development. Direct liaison is authorized between relevant agencies IAW CJCS guidance.

9) JP 1-02 terminology will be used to the greatest extent possible during the revision of this project. New or modified JP 1-02 terms should only be used when such terms are essential to the development and understanding of the proposed doctrine. Terms that are no longer used or needed for this publication should be identified and proposed for deletion.

10) Other Relevant Information. None.

11) Points of Contact

a) The Lead Agent (LA) and Joint Staff Doctrine Sponsor (JSDS) is Mr. Peter [REDACTED]; JS J-7 JEDD JDB, DSN 222-[REDACTED]or COM 703-692-[REDACTED], e-mail: peter.[REDACTED]; peter.[REDACTED]

b) The Evaluation Agent is USJFCOM JWFC-DEG, Mr. Robert [REDACTED], DSN 668-[REDACTED]; COM (757) 203-[REDACTED], robert.[REDACTED]; robert.[REDACTED]; and Mr. Michael [REDACTED], DSN 668-[REDACTED]; COM (757) 203-[REDACTED]or e-mail: michael.[REDACTED]; michael.[REDACTED]

c) The subject matter expert assisting the LA and JSDS is COL Christian [REDACTED], OCJCS Medical Science Advisor, DSN 222-[REDACTED], COM 703-692-[REDACTED], e-mail: christian.e.[REDACTED]; christian.e.[REDACTED]
If nothing else, I think we just identified the Joint Pub that will be read the least.

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