Monday, February 28, 2011

Those pesky by-laws ....

If you are not following the Mission Statement issue at the US Naval Institute, you should be.

We covered it last week here, MG Wilkerson, USMC (Ret) post at USNIBlog is worth a read, and Galrahn has an ongoing series worth your time at InformationDissemination.

Voting is important and I know for most organizations people simply blow it off as they don't see the value of their vote, or their ability to impact change.

I wish everyone agreed with me, but people don't. What is important though is they vote. Good people can disagree, but they need to educate themselves and act. That is what I ask you to do. I would hope that you would agree with me, and I think you will once you review the issue.

WRT the USNI Mission Statement change, those who want to change is better bring their A-game. This isn't a simple majority vote.

ARTICLE XVI Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws

Section 1. Proposed amendments to or changes in the Constitution and By-Laws must first be approved by the Board of Directors. Then, they shall be circulated to the members entitled to vote at least thirty days before the date the change becomes effective, if approved. Each such member in good standing shall be furnished a ballot on which to record his or her vote, and no amendment to or change in the Constitution and By-Laws shall be made without the favorable vote of two-thirds of the members voting.
Those who want to keep the Mission Statement - and in my opinion preserve a unique and valuable institution - then you have the wind at your back. No excuses.

Don't be complacent. Vote. Numbers matter. Send a message.

If you need motivation - follow the links above and educate yourself.

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