Monday, February 07, 2011

Honors investigation complete

From last Friday's WaPo,
The Navy says it has completed its investigation into the raunchy videos broadcast to thousands of sailors aboard an aircraft carrier.

Commander of Fleet Forces Adm. John Harvey said in a statement on his blog Friday that he would spend the next week reviewing the investigation....
Say what you want about Honors's firing - but you have to give Admiral Harvey credit for his communication and relative transparency.

Just read his blog post on it for goodness sake.
Given what is at stake for all the individuals involved, due process required a complete and deliberate investigation before any further actions were taken. That investigation has now been completed; the facts are documented and the report is complete. Final actions will now be taken.
You have to give him credit for this. This level of direct and open communication - and taking comments - by a 4-star is new and should be welcomed.

Disagree if you want - but know that his ears are open. That isn't always true with others of similar station.

Is that Salamander calling for civility? Ehhhh, kind of. Just calling for, in this case, "Creative Friction Without Conflict." I think Admiral Harvey has deserved that at least.

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