Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Taking only pictures, leaving only footprints ...

So, it looks like Jim Webb is going to punch out after one tour.
Virginia Senator Jim Webb plans to announce today that he won't seek reelection, a senior Senate source said.

Webb appeared likely to face a rematch with former Senator George Allen, whom he beat in a bruising 2006 contest. He had expressed ambivalence about the prospect of another run, and has said he never planned a life in politics.
Though I have had issues with him since his tongue bath of that despicable Murtha in 2006 he gave as his price to be invited in the Democrat farm team - I always thought that on other issues he could use his background as a voice for many that do not have anyone speaking for them.

I had hope that we would hear from him more about USNA - but no, look what happened there for most of Webb's term and the silence from him is deafening.

He wrote a great OP-ED about the Diversity Industry's ugly fetish - but after that; not much. Sad, he could have done so much, but didn't.

As our Fleet went from robust to exquisite - he has been relatively silent except for the worst of all parochial VA politics of keeping all our East Coast CVN in his State.

His major driver for running for Senate seemed to be Iraq. Time has proven him mostly wrong on Iraq - so that drive isn't there today. Even though - he still had so much potential. You know me, I don't ask for perfect - just good. He had so much potential to be a good Democrat. I wish I could have praised him more and make Skippy gloat - but alas, it wasn't to be.

Hopefully, like Fred Thompson, he has just decided to get out of DC while he still felt normal - that or as I thought awhile ago, he just wasn't that into being a Democrat in the 21st Century. I wish him well - and though I disagreed with much he supported, I thank him for his service. I just wish he had done more where his skills and knowledge were most needed.

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