Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Iranian naval diplomacy

Sorry, but I just don't get all that excited about this.
Suez Canal officials say two Iranian naval vessels have entered the strategic waterway en route for the Mediterranean Sea.

Canal officials say the ships - a frigate and a supply vessel - entered the canal early Tuesday morning and are expected to reach the Mediterranean later in the day. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they aren't authorized to speak publicly about the matter.
About the only major concern I would have would be if I were an Egyptian water quality official. Something tells me the Iranians may not have their CHT procedures quite refined enough for a Suez transit.

I would also want to keep a tab on who gets on and off both ships ... but otherwise; yawn.

Nations with navies will go visit'n. A frigate and a support vessel will not threaten anyone - and if anything present a nice "opportunity."

Finally - goofy thing to say - but I have a soft spot for the Iranian Navy. Of all the Gulf nations' naval ships I had to deal with - the Iranian Navy were the most professional. Not the Revolutionary Guard clowns - but the strait stick Navy guys. They were even friendly - and in '98 on Big E and '01 on Connie, the Iranian P-3s showed up on time (1100) more than our P-3s did (random).

From one Sailor to another - I wish them a safe trip there and back. I don't think that as long as they keep to themselves we should wish them ill. Remember - if the Green Revolution ever gets footing - the new Iranian nation will have a navy. Odds are - the more progressive elements of the Iranian military are in the Navy - so their leaders will be having tea with ours.

Be nice to them - in a few years the JOs on those two ships might be at the Naval War College as LCDR/CDR.

Just a thought.

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