Sunday, November 07, 2010

Your economic lifeline ... on Midrats

As a maritime, mercantile republic, were you aware that 90% of our trade relies on commercial ships' access to the world's oceans? Without the ability to bring goods at market prices worldwide - all that we know as a nation would grind to a halt?

From piracy, shipbuilding, the merchant marine, and the economic factors involved in the maritime shipping industry, join EagleOne and me today at 5pm EST for a broad-ranging discussion with Stephen M. Carmel, Senior Vice President, Maersk Line, Limited.

Join us live if you can, and pile in with the usual suspects in the chat room during the show where you can offer your own questions and observations to our guest. If you miss the show or want to catch up on the shows you missed - you can always reach the archives at blogtalkradio - or set yourself to get the podcast on iTunes.

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SoCal 91 said...

You're completely missing the Big Picture.

We have built up our fantastic harbors both in San Diego and Los Angeles areas.   Why ?   So that we can import more things from overseas, mainly China.

We coulda  shoulda  spent all those harbor and state docks improvement funds from the past 25 years,  on ensuring that our own American industries were healthy and viable.

The first business of a business is to stay in business.   Without some rules, business leaders will continue to "overseas" our few remaining companies.

Is it too late to stop the constant improvements of our countries  "ports" to receive ever more shipments,  and spend money and issue IRS rules, etc. that keep our industries / companies right here in the USA.

Really now,  cannot even 1 single American company make a DVR, a stereo, a computer motherboard, a complete lawnmower, or even cotton T shirts ?

Gov't regs are EVERYWHERE,  except where we really need them.   And pls don't accuse me of being an isolationist.   We as a country have exported way too many company jobs overseas for the past 20 years.

It will never cease unless Leadership stops this madness.   Fiscal irresponsibility is looking better and better.  Because our country has now replaced irresponsibility with fiscal insanity.

And don't expect too much from typical Congress and President.   The only economic leadership we get from them is all downhill. 

ewok40k said...

Well, for a starter US could tax $ to yuan exchange to level playing field a little. Encouraging unions in China (and elsewhere) would be a good idea too (anyone remembers Reagan-AFL axis supporting Solidarity?).   Make the labor conditions worldwide equal up to the best countries, not to the worst.

cdrsalamander said...

Maybe you should listen to the show for the discussion of taxes, regulation, and labor instead of spouting.

Anonymous said...


Yes, the U.S. Navy protecting overseas foreign ship bring in slave labor manufactured goods to the U.S., Your solution lower the working condition in the U.S. so we can compete. This coming from a person that supports a way of life that relies on the U.S. tax payer “worker” for a paycheck.

ewok40k said...

If you have heard the audition, it is NOT labor or union question, but rather one of efficiency of the industry and treatment of the maritimeindustry by the politicians. Most European nations do adhere to the "Navigare necesse est", and those truly seafaring like Denmark or Norway are especially paying attention to its maritime industries. Even in Poland there was huge uproar after government allowed big shipyard here in Szcecin (my home city!) to go bankrupt, with oppositions MPs generating huge accusations of betraying national interests by government. In the 1920s, barely reborn Poland undertook huge investment of building from scratch major seaport at Gdynia, because Gdansk (Danzig) was dominated by Germans despite being formally Free City  and was unreliable as a way to bring goods in and out.
I think it goes to the basic identity of the countries. American boys are playing cowboys, Norwegian boys are playing vikings.